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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ouidad Curl Immersion


Kinky curl~gurls can rejoice with the launch of Ouidad's latest curl care line, formulated just for their curls (kinky curls = very very tight curls with a visible Z-pattern and known to be baby fine and delicate.) Introducing the new OUIDAD Curl Immersion Collection, which consists of five products and is also available in a travel set (my favorite!) I attended an intimated meeting with the Ouidad team last month prior to the launch and even though I have the "classic curl" pattern (looser curl type), I still benefited from the ultra moisturizing formulas containing grapeseed, coconut, rosemary and sage oils. Plus they smell amazing.


NEW Ouidad Curl Immersion products are free of heavy silicones and waxes, and feature the brand's distinctive blend of breathable, water-soluble and plant-based ingredients. This kinky curl care collection includes: 

1. Low-Lather Coconut Cleansing Conditioner ($36, 16 oz) - a low-lather, sulfate-free, foaming co-wash for weekly use, to remove build-up at the scalp and hydrate curls. 

2. No-Lather Coconut Cream Cleansing Conditioner ($36, 16 oz) - a no lather, creamy, moisturizing co-wash ideal for extremely dry hair. 

3. Hi-defining Custard ($28, 8 oz) - a weightless oil-in-gel moisturizing styler, formulated with Kalahari melon seed oil; ideal for wash-and-go styles, braid-outs, and defining curls. 

4. Triple Treat Deep Conditioner ($38, 12 oz) - a deep-penetrating conditioner that softens hair and restores curls to the natural shape; features coconut and grapeseed oils. 

5. Silky Souffle Setting Cream ($28, 8 oz) - an emollient-rich cream with Mafura butter that softens and primes, and quickly hydrates and elongates curls prior to and during styling. 

Also, check out the Luxury Travel Set ($36 2 - 2.5 oz each)


Quote from Ouidad Founder and Queen of Curls: "We care for curls in a prescriptive way tailored to four curl types: loose, classic, tight and kinky". This curl type requires the most nourishment because the tighter the curl, the less moisturizing sebum is able to travel from the scalp down the hair shaft. Without hydration, hair becomes dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage. 

Visit www.ouidad.com/curl-immersion to purchase the new Ouidad Curl Immersion products mentioned above, and to see more amazing products in the entire curl collection.

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