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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

#LAUGHOUTLOUDER & Benefit Cosmetics


"Smiles 4 Miles" has long been my mantra and only laughter beats that! Laughter is the best medicine and research shows that laughter is a powerful way to reduce stress and feel better emotionally, which supports both Love is Louder & Benefit Cosmetics missions. “Carrying on the brand’s unique manifesto, ‘laughter is the best cosmetic,’ Benefit Cosmetics believes that a woman is her most beautiful when she’s smiling, laughing and having fun. 

Benefit Cosmetics will make donations to The Jed Foundation’s Love is Louder movement during a 48-hour social media fundraiser to benefit Love is Louder clubs, events and initiatives; when celebs and advocates share funny photos online. Each time a user posts a funny face photo on Twitter or Instagram, or retweets/reposts someone’s photo with the #LaughOutLouder hashtag, Benefit Cosmetics will donate $1 to Love is Louder (up to $250,000). I'll join the movement, with a picture of my own, why not?

"I woke up like this!" It's okay, I #LaughOutLouder

Love is Louder’s clubs and events help make communities and campuses more inclusive, and support individuals dealing with issues like bullying, body image problems and depression. These programs encourage actions that help us focus on the positive, support each other, and feel more resilient and connected. In addition to the benefits of laughter, giving back and charitable activities help us feel healthier and happier. The combination of the two is a quick, easy way to improve our moods and outlooks on life.

“Giving back and laughing are both powerful ways to feel better emotionally and focus on the positive,” says Courtney Knowles, Director of Love is Louder. “We are excited to be working with Benefit Cosmetics to inspire people to use humor, creativity and social media to raise funds to support teenagers and young adults who feel mistreated, hopeless or alone.” 

Learn more and get involved at www.laughoutlouder.com.

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