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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

White Sands Launches Hair Dryer Bonnet Attachment

Believe it or not, the one hair item that I DON'T own (and it is purely by choice), is a hood dryer. I'm lucky to own a blow dryer (well, actually make that FIVE!) The only reason this Curl~Gurl would need one, would be to heat up hair treatments or use it with my heat activated hair gels, especially during this lovely cold weather. It's not a secret that my arch nemesis is the dryer, as we just don't seem to click. 


Well, for those out there like me, there is an easy and affordable solution. Quickly turn any blow dryer into a salon hood dryer for at home conditioning treatments and quick roller sets, with the Dryer Bonnet by White Sands Hair Care. It has never been easier to turn your average hair dryer into a salon hood dryer in mere seconds. This flexible, soft bonnet is not only easy to attach but provides even heat distribution to avoid hot spots and increase total comfort. 

The Dryer Bonnet is ideal for hot oil treatments, pin curls, roller sets, deep conditioning masks and any other hair service or product requiring heat. The bonnet also folds flat for easy storage and even travel. Even Victoria's Secret supermodel Doutzen Kroes recently posted a pic on InstaGram using the Dryer Bonnet by White Sands: 

Pros of Using White Sands Dryer Bonnet

  • Arms will no longer get tired from holding up dryer for services
  • Easy to use and attaches to any dryer in seconds
  • Evenly distributes heat; no more hot spots or painfully overheating scalp
  • Replicate salon hood dryer results at home
  • Portable and foldable; easy for storage and travel
  • Ideal for any hair service needing heat like masks, oil treatments, pin curls, finger waves and roller sets
To get yours for only $20, simply go to whitesandsproducts.com

~Evelyn Lugo

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  1. I think that’s quite a useful attachment as if you have long hair, it takes some times to dry them up, and in that process your hands generally get tired. Even the best hair dryers out there will take time to dry your hair so I think it’s a great product.