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Sunday, February 2, 2014

CureDiva Valentines Day Products: Breast Cancer

Love is Always in Style: 
Breast Cancer Products to Feel Sexy

Last year in October, I had the pleasure of attending the media launch of CureDiva.com with Giuliana Rancic and co-founders and creators Ester Gofer and Efrat Roman. Their motto, “stylish living through breast cancer”, CureDiva.com was designed to help women battling breast cancer feel like DIVAS. The first online solutions site for women coping with Breast Cancer, with an array of products safe for breast cancer patients that will help them feel both sexy and beautiful. Directing you from the moment you're diagnosed, through treatment, to shopping for supplies to help you cope (wigs, bras, padding, accessories, etc.) depending on the stage in your "journey." You can find answers to all your questions on this amazing site! 

I've walked Breast Cancer Walks the past 5 years, do my part to support pals going battling breast cancer, BUT I never had a mammogram, because I thought I "wasn't old enough." Well, upon hearing that at 36 I STILL had never had a mammogram, many worried. So I scheduled both a mammogram & breast sonogram, to put many (as well as myself) at ease. Luckily, everything came back clear and good, but sadly, millions of women don't receive the same news. 

My breast exam 2 months ago..

I even kept the sticker techs placed over my old scar, used to prevent a misreading (scar from a '97 surgery, not breast-related.)

With Valentines Day approaching, the task of feeling sexy and beautiful may be a more difficult task for some. Breast cancer fighters go through countless treatments that may cause them to lose sight of their beauty, but they too deserve to take a day and feel just as beautiful and sexy as ever!

Enter CureDiva.com, from nail polish and beauty products to head scarves and lingerie, there are countless products for those at any stage of diagnosis that will help any woman feel like the sexy diva they are this Valentine’s Day. Here are some cute ideas for Valentines Day: 

Sexy Lingerie: Black Lace Tunic ($78) This Courage Couture black lace tunic was designed to offer women who have uneven breasts or a history of breast surgery such as mastectomy or lumpectomy more choices. Designed be worn by any woman who is looking for supportive full cup coverage this sexy nightwear offers a pocket for a prosthesis or a breast enhancer wedge along with adjustable cleavage, back and shoulder straps. There is no reason a woman cannot look and feel beautiful when she needs full cup coverage, so this black lace tunic is perfect to slip into after a romantic Valentine’s Day meal.

Blush Pink Cooling Necklace: ($40) Worried about going out to a fancy dinner and using the menu as a fan because your hot flashes are spiking? Cooling the back and sides of the neck is one of the best ways to quickly feel cool so placing these icy pearls on your neck instantly helps bring down your overall feeling of being overheated. Blush Pink Hot Girls Pearls bring elegance and romance to your Valentine’s Day attire. Simply freeze, wear, repeat! Freeze your pearls for 3-4 hours, then wear them to cool down.

Nail Polish: ($16) Water-based and non-toxic polish, Acquarella, hydrates the nail, helping to prevent nails from chipping, peeling and yellowing commonly associated with harsh conventional nail products. With no toxic smell, Acquarella is fast drying and doesn’t require a base or top coat. Coming in a wide variety of colors, Acquarella is perfect for brightening up your darkest moments or adding an extra pop of glamour for your romantic Valentine’s Day.

Eye Lashes: ($3.00) Glam yourself for your romantic date night with gorgeous false eyelashes. The Queen of Mid Lashes gives you intense volume and length for a bold look. The lashes are reusable and come with adhesive and full instructions so you can use them time and time again.

Cable Knit Beret: ($24) When heading out in the chilly February for your date, it’s important to keep your head and ears warm. This soft and comfortable hat acts as a stylish accessory while keeping you warm whether you’re headed to dinner or out for a romantic stroll outside. Dress it up or keep it casual, this hat is perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond! Available in different colors. 

CureDiva is also offering MAJOR discounts on their top products. Go to CureDiva.com for more information as well as breast cancer support and stylish needs!

~Evelyn Lugo

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