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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

*PREVIEW* to my Naked3 Review


All beauty junkies already KNOW that the much awaited Urban Decay Naked 3 palette arrived last week. ($52 at http://www.urbandecay.com/naked3/ ) 12, never-before-seen rose-hued neutrals, that go from pale, shimmery pink....to deep black matte - with rosy red micro-glitter; make up NAKED3. By the time many dolls realized it, it was SOLD OUT! Well, rest assured that this Curl~Gurl definitely got her claws on one, thanks to my friends over at UD Corporate, in California! (if that's not determination, I don't know what is!)

I have both Naked and Naked2 palettes (love them, my go-to shadows) and even reviewed Naked2 on BeautyStat (see it here: BeautyStat.com/Naked2review/Evcurlgurl ) 2 years after it came out - that's how much I love it!  So many MUA and friends have BEGGED me to let them "swatch" it, but my answer was the same every time: "Nope, you gotta wait!" What's the rush? How these women didn't jump me and beat me to a pulp on the spot, is beyond me, lol! I even made sure my daughter didn't see it - it's been safe LOCKED IN A SAFE - SECURE!

UD NAKED & NAKED2, to join my NAKED3 palette 
UNFORTUNATELY, Curl~Gurl was down & out, SLAMMED with the flu (just recovering, in time for Thanksgiving) and not even these gorgeous rose hues, would hide the greenish tint in my face (seriously.) SO, stay tuned for my FULL review on Monday...after all the Thanksgiving hustle n bustle, sales, trampling and food comas! Don't believe I got it??? Well, here's my receipt! Those who know my work, KNOW I never disappoint; if I'm going to do something: I WILL DO IT RIGHT! 

~Evelyn Lugo

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