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Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Nail Care Cutex® Countdown


With the holidays finally over, it's time to care for your nails. I'm sure you had your share of glitter nail polish and themed designs (I rocked it hard for Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years) so much needed TLC is in order. Cutex®, the leading provider in nail care products since 1911, has prepared five great resolutions for every nail polish wearer:

5. Get healthy - Use Cutex® nail polish removers when wiping away your manicure
and pedicure. One hundred percent acetone can dry and damage nails, but the patented formula in Cutex® Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover and Cutex® SPA Formula for hard-to-remove polish not only removes color but also nourishes nails.

4. Get sparkly - Everyone loves a bit of flare – liven up your tips or toes with a polish that sparkles. When you’re ready to remove, just reach for a bottle of Cutex® SPA Formula Nail
Polish Remover. It’s specially made for hard-to-remove glitter, gel/Shellac and textured polish.

3. Go naked - Color is great, but even your nails need a rest after a while. If you always wear polish, make a point of going polish-free one week out of the month. And clear up that polish quickly with Cutex® Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads. These handy, individually-wrapped felt pads are perfect for pockets or purses and one pad will remove polish on all 10 fingers or toes.

2. Go simple - Sometimes a classic, naked nail is what you need for that job interview or stuffy social event -- but you still want your nails to shine. Just use Cutex® Baseworx. This clear coat is made with bio-ceramic glass that adheres to the protein in nails resulting in a glossy sheen and longer lasting manicures when used as a base-coat.

1. Go bold - Do you typically paint in pastels? Switch to brights. Are you a plain Jane? Get
funky with glitter. Nails always painted classic red? Drop in some white or pink dots. However you paint your nails, mix it up in 2015. And every time you’re ready to change your polish, reach for a bottle of Cutex® nail polish remover - the fastest path to healthier nails. Learn more about these and the full line of Cutex® products at cutex.com.

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