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Monday, February 24, 2014

OUIDAD & NYFW: Making Waves Backstage at TRACY REESE

Curl~Gurl Making Waves with OUIDAD at the 
Tracy Reese Fall 2014 NYFW

OUIDAD herself, creating wild texture for Tracy Reese Fall 2014 NYFW
The second I walked backstage into the Tracy Reese Fall 2014 Fashion Show and saw OUIDAD, I immediately said "I have come FULL CIRCLE!" I was overwhelmed with joy, as this is the woman responsible for the EvCurlGurl you see today! My 4th season covering NYFW and I always said that one day I would be backstage with Ouidad herself. See, if it weren't for her "Catwalk of Curls" event back in March 2011 where I was a demo hair model, I would have never been discovered, become a writer and later an Editor. The rest is history!

Photo credits (with exception of Ouidad hair/bobby pin pic,) Evelyn Lugo
EvCurlGurl at the Catwalk of Curls Runway Show March, 2011
For the second consecutive year, OUIDAD and her team were the official hair care team for the Tracy Reese Fall 2014 runway show. OUIDAD stylists created bold, emotional and individual textured styles, regardless of the models hair type. Mally Beauty also returned for make-up, with Sally Hansen returning for the 17th consecutive season! 

Ouidad stylist Jessica going in and creating tons of texture
I learned to new ways to create texture and curls, for those with even the straightest, hard-to-curl hair: 1) weave hair through a large bobby pin and press with a flat iron and 2) small braid pressed with a flat iron. Once you remove the pin or unbraid the hair, you have tons of texture! 

Jessica weaving hair through a bobby pin (Photo Credit: Ouidad) 

Stylist created thin braids and then applied heat with a flat iron

NOTHING beats the true excitement of being backstage at NYFW!

Chili flakes (red/gold glitter), Somber Bliss (grey/silver) & Shattered Stars (silver/glitter) 
Inspiration: 3 exclusive nails colors were used to compliment Tracy Reese Fall 2014 Collection. Designed to replicate the look of "broken glass", which adds just one more surprising layer of texture, on top of the hair! All 3 nail looks are from the Complete Salon Manicure line. 

The Tracy Reese 2014 Fall Collection celebrates the duality of self-expression by mixing utilitarian style with unique pops of personality and spirit. Tracy incorporated modern, loud statements, quiet yet complex details, playful colors with neutral muted tones. Her collection showcased classic menswear inspired silhouettes mixed with accents of leathers, ostrich trims and jeweled/feathered details.

I will forever be grateful to OUIDAD, her amazing team (past and present) and my "can't-live-without-it" go-to, MUST-HAVE hair product: Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel


~Evelyn Lugo

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