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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tom Ford MEN'S Skincare & Grooming Line


Designer Tom Ford (image LATimes.com)

Get set for an long-awaited skincare and grooming line by TOM FORD, for MEN! Ladies this is definitely one holiday wish-list for that special man in you life! 
Tom Ford launched an eight product line, tailored after his own personal skin care regimen. Seriously, at 51 (and surely not looking anywhere near it) Tom Ford surely has the right to create a skin care line - he looks amazing!

Tom Ford Men Skin Care and Grooming line

Tom Ford for Men Skincare & Grooming Collection is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus stores, online at http://www.neimanmarcus.com and ranges from $24 - $150. Tom Ford's new men skincare line includes an eye treatment, mud mask, skin revitalizing treatment oil, concealer and bronzing gel. I'm sure that not every man would run for the concealer stick BUT we know that there are a few out there who DO use it (it's okay guys, we know, just don't use ours!)

Tom said in an LATimes.com interview that his concealer is also great to cover up razor nicks and under-eye circle. "Most men don't think in terms of looking younger or more beautiful; they care about not looking fatigued," Ford says. "Tired, dulled skin makes you look and feel less confident and empowered." There is NOTHING wrong with an empowered and confident man! For the entire interview Tom gave the LA Times, check out: LATimes.com/TomFordBeautyMEN

Here's the full 8-piece line (sold separately) with pricing information: 

(pics, NeimanMarcus.com)

Concealer for men $40, in 3 shades:
Bronzing Gel 2.5 oz $48
Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment $75
Intensive Purifying Mud Mask $60
Purifying Face Cleanser $48
Oil Free Daily Moisturizer $105
Hydrating Lip Balm $25 .34 oz

Skin Revitalizing Concentrate $150

~Evelyn Lugo

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