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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Covid-19 Update and 7th Anniversary


Evelyn Lugo

Hi everyone. It's been seven long months since I last updated my blog, but with the Covid chaos, I felt it was best to step back from all products (after all, the world was on fire and it just wasn't the moment for that) and return "once it was over". Well, here we still are, with cases worse than last spring. I'm back for a quick update, and what better moment than today, on Evcurlgurl.com's seventh year anniversary

Prior to my Covid-19 positive results

Since my last blog post in April, I tested positive for Covid-19 - and thankfully beat it - realizing that I truly needed to shift my focus to my health and happiness. Prior to the Covid shut-downs, I was focused on my fitness, with daily 5:00 a.m. sweat sessions at Blink Fitness: "Cardio Crushing!" Had it not been for that year-long dedication of intense cardio, I believe my recovery would have turned out differently. I came really close to being hospitalized. Very close. My total recovery took a little over two months.

Sick with Covid-19 in March/April

Despite taking every precaution (wearing masks, isolating, handwashing, using sanitizers) I still got sick in March. My symptoms were fever, difficulty breathing (felt like an asthma patient with a missing lung), headaches and fatigue so bad I couldn't even stand. What I found to be the worst out of all my symptoms, was the loss of smell and taste nearly one month. I was miserable! I love to cook, so it was frustrating to say the least. So five Covid tests and one Antibody test later, I was cleared by mid-April. I decided to start working out from home (and living my life!)
Evelyn Lugo Evcurlgurl

Having a treadmill and elliptical in my living room helped me get my strength back. Today, I am back at the gym before the sun rises (despite saying I would never go back to a gym after working out at home), CRUSHING 60 FULL MINUTES OF CARDIO WHILE WEARING A MASK; healthier than ever. In fact, I'm back to my backflips and handstands, just like the old days. I know what you're thinking "but what if they shut down the gyms again?" Well, then I guess I'll just have to work out from home until they reopen. No excuses

Evcurlgurl working out at home
I can work out at home if needed


I hope everyone stays safe, healthy and tries to have a happy holiday (I know it sounds impossible), but staying positive in the face of challenges is the only way to get through this nightmare. We'll get through this, one day at a time#Smiles4Miles

~ Evelyn Lugo

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