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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Palmer's Skin Success GLOW



After a long beauty hiatus, your gurl is back and better than EV-er (and I promise to explain in full details why I was M.I.A with my reviews in my n-e-x-t blog post!) So much catching up to do... 

Gift bags lined up at Palmer's Skin Success GLOW event at MNDFL

Where skincare is concerned, I'm front and center - so it's no surprise that I joined Palmer's brand for a new product launch event last April when invited, and checked out their NEW Skin Success GLOW line at MNDFL (10 E. 8th Street, NYC). All beauty guru's in attendance enjoyed a relaxing 20 minute meditation session, perfect to help get us glowing from within and learn all about Palmer's new skincare launches with Dr. Valerie M. Harvey, Dermatologist. 

Glowing with Palmer's at MNDFL - April 2019
Get glowy, radiant skin in as little as two weeks with Palmer's GLOW Water Lily Face Cream, Radiance Sheet Mask and Purifying Sheet Mask (each sold separately, at Walmart and Palmer's.com.) All three products listed below are: Hypoallergenic • Dermatologist Tested • Ethically & Sustainably Sourced (and never tested on animals!)

Palmer's GLOW Water Lily Face Cream (2.7 oz./.75 g - $7.95) A natural perfecting cream that effectively corrects dark spots, uneven skin tone or discoloration. With key ingredients: Niacinamide - White Lily Extract - Retinol - Japanese Songyi Mushroom - Vitamin C

Palmer's GLOW Radiance Sheet Mask (1 single-use mask 0.67 fl. oz./20mL - $3.99) Boosts radiance, perfects dark spots, uneven tone and blotchiness. Formulated with key ingredients: Niacinamide - White Lily Extract - Retinol - Japanese Songyi Mushroom - Vitamin C

Palmer's GLOW Purifying Sheet Mask (1 single-use mask 0.60 fl. oz./18 mL - $3.99) Draws out impurities and refines pores for a clearer, more balanced complexion. Key ingredients: Bamboo Charcoal - Licorice - Salicylic Acid - Willow Bark - Aloe - Marshmallow Extract. 

GLOWING thanks to Palmer's and this cool mirror

I have been using the GLOW Water Lily Face Cream since late April, and can honestly tell you that my skin has never looked BETTER. I noticed that all the uneven skin around my nose/mouth area evened out; giving me even more radiant skin. Sheet masks are part of my Sunday Skin Serenity ritual, when I relax and gear up for the work week. 


Not that I ever wear foundation or concealer, but I have more and more people asking me "WHAT are you using on your skin Ev?" And this is it. #GlowWithPalmers

~Evelyn Lugo

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