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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Nad's Hair Removal



For years, Nad's - the Australian family-owned, woman run company founded by Sue Ismiel as a solution to her daughter’s unwanted hair - has been a leader for at-home, hair removal. I've used Nad's in the past, and I absolutely love how mistake-proof the formula is. Unlike traditional wax, if you make a mistake, just rinse with water. All natural, cruelty-free and best of all: no heat required. Well, last November I attended a press preview launch with the brands mother daughter duo Sue & Natalie Ismiel, who joined us all the way from Australia to share their newest additions. #TheNadsImpact


NEW! Nad’s All Natural Sugar Wax Kit ($12.99, Drugstores nationwide & Amazon): Launched in December, this kit is 100% natural, made entirely out of all-natural ingredients. It allows you to achieve top to toe hair removal with everything you need in one box - no heating required! Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Now your skin can stay smooth and hair free for weeks without having to go to a salon. What’s even better is that this natural wax is mistake proof, meaning if you make a mistake in the application process, the sugar wax can easily wash away with water for added DIY confidence.


Nad's Facial Wax Strips ($4.99 20-ct or $5.99 24-ct, Drugstores nationwide): Nad’s Facial Wax Strips are the premium option when it comes to facial hair. They are specially formulated for sensitive facial areas including the upper lip & chin. With the ability to conform to the curves of your facial area, these strips make removing hair in these areas a breeze.

Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper ($7.99, ULTA, Target, Walgreens): Primed and ready to go with Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel in a pen-like applicator that makes professional eyebrow waxing and shaping easy to achieve at home, leaving you hair-free for up to 8 weeks. With Nad’s unique SlimTip applicator, just the right amount of gel is released from the precision tip giving you complete control, and for added confidence, the mistake-proof gel wax formula easily washes away with water… no mess, no fuss.


~Evelyn Lugo

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