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Monday, June 11, 2018

Hair Color: ONC Natural Colors



It's my pleasure to share with you an absolutely game-changing and hair loving hair coloring product, ONC Coloring products ($24.95). What it is? ONC is not a chemical, but rather a natural, healthier, eco-friendly, permanent hair color, that's available in a spectrum of 29 shades (see shades below). While looking to make my already black hair darker (never been a fan of light hair, black all the way), I had a scary experience with a Henna product recently, where my hair was falling out in CLUMPS (yes, my shower looked as if extensions were ripped out or a kitten was drowned.) Horrible!


What I love about ONC Natural Colors is that it's pH is low, so it holds both hair color and hair care in one bottle. Right upon application, I noticed a delicious aroma of bananas, (no chemical smell). Also, this product does not stain your forehead or scalp, because it's won't seep under the skin or into your bloodstream. This product nourishes the hair and gives it lasting body and shine due to the ingredients that are proven to be good for the hair.

My hair is shiny, soft, touchable and smells divine (think fruity deep treatment). 

ONC reps sent me shade 1N - Black
  • Reduces hair loss, hair thinning and breakage
  • Color is permanent and covers gray 100% if used per instructions
  • People that have used it clearly stated that hair has never been healthier and has gone back to what it was 30 years ago before they ever started coloring it

To purchase ONC Natural Colors hair dye, check out all of the other hair products, or for more information, please visit www.oncnaturalcolors.com

More about ONC:
Los Angeles-based Organic Natural Colors LLC. manufactures healthier hair color and hair care products for the consumer and professional. ONC formula hair color formula was created and refined since 1993 with over 65 certified organic ingredients. The ONC hair color conditions while coloring, leaving hair healthier, stronger, and shinier with a very soft demarcation line. Colorists immediately notice its lower pH and consumers notice its pleasant banana-like aroma. 

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