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Monday, November 20, 2017

Fingerlings Unicorn


It's been a while, but I'M BACK! If you follow me on Instagram, you'd see that I wasn't totally out of sight, just a bit busy (but I promise you it is worth it). Let's get to it. With the holidays upon us - Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK - that only means one thing: holiday shopping for one of the season's hottest toys, and it seems that Fingerlings is one of them. Don't ask me how, because I won't tell you, but I will say that mine CAME DIRECT FROM TOYSRUS. I was very fortunate to snag not just one, but FOUR Fingerlings, three of the extra elusive Gigi the Unicorn (I also have Finn the Monkey, as seen on Ellen, which I will share with you shortly.) I'm either really loved, or truly hated at the moment, but I plan to make to amazing kids happy this holiday with Gigi the 🦄🦄. 


What is it? "Friendship at your fingertips", Fingerlings are these cute interactive Monkeys that cling to your finger and interact with you, responding to sound and touch with the cutest sounds: hello, giggles, kisses, sneezes - even burps and farts (sorry, but they do) and more. #GigiTheUnicorn is only available at ToysRUs - and for the time being is really as impossible to track as the actual mythical creature. 🌈

All my Gigi the Unicorn Fingerlings came directly from ToysRUs
*NOTE: Please be careful of MANY fakes being sold via third party. There are things to look for when purchasing a Fingerlings, such as packaging, logos, name and distinctive markings. Gigi the Unicorn has a horse shoe decal on her left cheek and is ONLY sold at ToysRUs! There are a few articles out regarding fake Fingerlings. 
When can you get one? Hopefully on Black Friday (I actually saw a few Fingerlings Unicorn myself this past Saturday at ToysRUs right before they were pulled off the shelves from employees for Black Friday). GameStop also has the cute monkey Fingerlings, but again, you have to wait until Black Friday to buy one. Oh, and there is also a baby Sloth "Kingsley", which is a Walmart exclusive. 
Fingerlings Kingsley Sloth available at Walmart

Fingerlings from Target.com
Fingerlings retail for a $14.95, if you can even get your hands on one, and has already been selling out for months. Check out "Finn" on The Ellen Show below, which I am pretty sure only made it even more impossible to track one down.


Parents are ruthless when trying to track down that one toy on their holiday list (think Game of Thrones), so I will keep these under lock and key for the time being. Without a doubt, it is one of the hottest holiday wish-list toy this season. I have been testing and playing with my Gigi the Unicorn Fingerling for three days now, and she is quite the character. She is absolutely the cutest and will be loved by any kid on your wishlist. Yes, I'm keeping her for myself. And Finn the Monkey too.

Don't judge me. But I totally did.

To learn more about all the Fingerlings cute craze, where to buy and see videos, please visit www.fingerlings.com

~Evelyn Lugo

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