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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Chanel Brick Lip Compact 2017


***UPDATED FEBRUARY 26, 2020*** Due to the overwhelming "interest" in the Chanel Brick lipstick (and the messages I have been receiving the past three days since MAC announced a relaunch), is why I have decided to update all my posts containing mention of the Chanel Brick compact, stressing what I have been saying since 2000! This compact is NOT available online or anywhere. I can guarantee you all, that any so-called brick compact purchased after 1997, when it was discontinued, are without a doubt, 100% COUNTERFEIT HOW DO I KNOW? Well for starters, I have met numerous times with Chanel Beauty brand reps, even as recent as this week, and it has been confirmed once again. It's sad that some take advantage of fans, just to make a "quick buck". What those of you purchasing these horrible knock-offs should be more concerned with, is not losing your hard-earned money, but rather what ingredients these amateurs are putting in these palettes, which you then put on your lips. ~Ev (You're welcome!)

The color is WRONG (Chanel Brick is not burgundy or red, but a muted terra cotta!) The texture is wrong (it's a gloss & liner - NOT A LIPSTICK... Brick is not even matte!) The formula is w-r-o-n-g. Even compared to my 1997 compact, which is STILL not dry or "rancid", as one fan nicely put it and the reason why I hand-wrote today's date on it - STILL WRONG! See, I knew someone was up to no good when I was approached last year by an unknown "brand", asking me for detailed pictures, a "piece for sampling" and possibly buy my Chanel Brick lipstick compact for $10,000 CASH. It was only a matter of time before someone - and I certainly don't mean CHANEL, whom I met with last week to compare this "newly found fake sample" and also worked for in 2007 - cooked up a scheme to produce and sell counterfeit Chanel Brick lipsticks, sold out of California. 


Let's call this the modern day unicorn, except this one doesn't poop glitter and rainbows, but rather "Selena's favorite Chanel Brick Lipstick!" GENIUS, I'm sure this seller's eyes shone with diamond-engraved dollar signs. Heck, I'm actually shocked that they waited so long, but of course, the sad mastermind behind this elaborate scheme simply sat back and watched... waited, as hundreds of thousands Selena Fans lost their shit when the Selena MAC line launched and sold out, so selling this counterfeit lipstick for $85 was no biggie. The label was clearly created off pictures of my compact from my 2014 article, clearly a FAKE, since the trademark logo is missing from the CHANEL name (see it here.) But again, this seller knew that fans would do "anything for Salinas", even if it meant selling a kidney and/or first born. They even created a fan Instagram and Facebook, to reel in buyers.. NICE.
Date-stamped TODAY, and you can see 

it's not "dry" despite its age...


I had ZERO INTENTIONS of speaking on the matter, but after someone asked if it was ME selling these, (it's not, despite my joking that I should make my own, after seeing how the ONLY dupe on the market - Elizabeth Arden Brick 02 is hard to find), I had to speak up. I worked long and hard to earn the respect of the brands I have been blessed to work with. Also, I have a life and I've been extremely busy the past two weeks, cramming for my real estate license. I even had to skip my beloved NYFW for the first time in five years (aka, my Superbowl - hurt like hell, but a sacrifice had to be made - and I got my license!) Still, I was flooded with emails, direct messages, texts, phone calls (not sure how some fans even got my number, but okay...), hundreds of messages from Selena fans who purchased the fake Chanel Brick on ebay and asked me questions after the fact. My favorite was "does your Chanel compact need to be water-activated?" My response: "Uhm, NO - it's CHANEL, not a bargain $1.00 lipstick!!!!!!" Need more proof? When buyers complained that the item was FAKE, a refund was simply given, no questions asked. That's because hundreds of desperate buyers were lined up to pay even DOUBLE for it. 

So again... NO, the Chanel Brick: Selena's-favorite-lipstick" that you suddenly see online, which I assume "simply fell from the heavens and the lucky seller simply saw a light from above light up this haul", is in-fact 100% FAKE! Word to the wise: fighting online and complaining that Chanel should bring Brick back, is NOT the way to go. The last thing that a prestigious, luxury brand wants to see, is ratchetness and an all-out bloodbath. Just saying...

~Evelyn Lugo

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