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Tuesday, November 15, 2016




I'm all for fun and cool socks, especially when they are comfortable and convenient (think ballet flats, where regular socks scrunch and those slip on nylons don't stay put and show over your flats.) Introducing KEYSOCKS, the knee-high no show socks that you can wear comfortably with any shoe, any time. Perfect for heels, flats and sneakers. Also, KEYSOCKS are made from a revolutionary, patented process that converts coffee residue into an eco-friendly, sumptuously light fiber. When a friend asked me why I wasn't wearing socks with my new flats, she was impressed when I showed her my new KEYSOCKS: socks with a cut-out that covered my toes, soles and went up to my knees. These are genius, soft and provide amazing support.


Keysocks sent me a package with three pairs in original fabric (intended for use in fall or winter) and light fabric (spring/summer) in black, nude and yellow. I put these to the test and ran the all over New York City during Fashion Week and not only did these stay put, but they kept my feet blister free. It didn't take long for me to want them in every shade available. Pricing?The original socks are $14.00, light socks are $14.00, packs of 4: $42.00 and packs of 3: $32.00. 


Keysocks are available in a variety of colors...  
So, how do you put KEYSOCKS on?

KEYSOCKS are great with any shoe - any time

For  more information on KEYSOCKS, or to purchase, please visit www.keysocks.com

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