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Thursday, October 6, 2016

#MACSelena Hits Stores


MY MAC Selena heavenly haul (stored safely in my locked MAC train case!) 

***UPDATED FEBRUARY 26, 2020*** Due to the overwhelming "interest" in the Chanel Brick lipstick (and the messages I have been receiving the past three days since MAC announced a relaunch), is why I have decided to update all my posts containing mention of the Chanel Brick compact, stressing what I have been saying since 2000! This compact is NOT available online or anywhere. I can guarantee you all, that any so-called brick compact purchased after 1997, when it was discontinued, are without a doubt, 100% COUNTERFEIT HOW DO I KNOW? Well for starters, I have met numerous times with Chanel Beauty brand reps, even as recent as this week, and it has been confirmed once again. It's sad that some take advantage of fans, just to make a "quick buck". What those of you purchasing these horrible knock-offs should be more concerned with, is not losing your hard-earned money, but rather what ingredients these amateurs are putting in these palettes, which you then put on your lips. ~Ev (You're welcome!)


Finally, the day so many Selena fans have been waiting for has arrived: the #MACSelena store launch! YES, by now we have all seen the countless social media posts from lucky bloggers and beauty gurus, even those lucky souls who snagged items online last week, before the servers crashed across the board. Everything sold out in minutes (nice job - still missing my two Bidi Bidi Bom Bom lipglasses) but it was amazing to see how many braved the long lines this morning, waiting for stores to open, even devoted guys in line for their wives/girlfriends! My favorite item from the entire collection? The Amor Prohibido lipstick (yep, not Como La Flor). "Dreaming of You" is too dark to be compared to Brick, so I didn't bother with the swatch comparison. (If you recall last year when her lipstick was unveiled, it was initially Como La Flor, and the full collection was unveiled later). 

Comparison: MACxSelena Como La Flor, Elizabeth Arden & CHANEL Brick

Since posting my article in 2014 for the replacement of Selena's favorite lipstick (long discontinued Chanel Brick. ICYMI, you can see it here), I have received hundreds of messages from make-up and Selena fans alike, asking me to swatch and compare all three Chanel Brick, Elizabeth Arden Brick (only exact dupe since Chanel disco'd the shade years ago) and Como La Flor. So as promised, here it is. For those wondering, how did I get my hands on the Chanel Brick lip compact? I snagged two of them back when Selena died in 1995 (I was a HUGE fan then), and saved them. So glad I did, since I can now do any true comparisons going forward; the compact has been preserved extremely carefully. 

1. #MACSelena Como La Flor
2. Elizabeth Arden Brick
3. CHANEL Brick (no longer available)

I plan to save an entire set of the #MACSelena collection, just for keeps (we'll see, lol), but I have multiple sets, just in case. Here you have all three shades again, side-by-side. How do you think they match up? 

~Evelyn Lugo


  1. I love all 3 but I like the Selena the best. The color is beautiful. I keep my makeup to. I have everything I'm a huge hoarder��

  2. Chris had said in an instagram post that Como La Flor was an exact match of one of Selena's lipsticks :( ...maybe its another lipstick that they never mentioned. oh well, the color and packaging is still beautiful and does embody Selena's style.

  3. Men are typically not too into details when it comes to make up, lol ... but keep in mind that MAC and Suzette always said that the collection was "inspired" by Selena's makeup. They never said exact. Absolutely a must-have collection, for sure!

    1. you do know after a while the color gets dual so that chanel color it once was isnt the same color as it was years ago some lipsticks get rancid

    2. Yes Candy, SOME lipsticks may get rancid with years, but definitely not CHANEL! The gloss in the compact is even the same consistency. I also have my first M•A•C Red lipstick (from 1998, when it was in a silver tube) and it is still the same color, texture and scent. This brick compact is the same shade I wore in the 90's, as it is today, and past pictures and dated swatches over the years, confirm it. I store it in an air-tight, temperature controlled area in my walk-in product room. Selena's sister has her makeup case and Chris has a lipstick of hers, so are you saying that those aren't the same color either? Exactly!

  4. Omg I love it. I wanted the selena lipstick but I'll just buy the elizabeth arden next time