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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Artis Skincare Innovation




Whether you're into make-up or not, it's no secret that if you need the best make-up brushes, the best way to go, is with Artis. If you don't know (and you should), Artis creator and former MAC Senior Executive Matthew Waitesmith, changed the makeup brush game and set a new standard in cosmetics application. Now, the innovators in the makeup brush category have done it again with the introduction of the Artis Digit Skincare 5-Brush Set In Coffret. These stunning skincare brushes will help to achieve a gorgeous, flawless complexion, applying skincare products better than ever before and making you feel luxuriously chic. Skincare and great skin are right up my alley, so I must get my hands on these brushes!

So what makes the Artis Digit Skincare 
5 Brush Set Collection different?


  • Super luxurious and will make you feel gorgeous while applying your favorite skincare products with the stylish-looking skincare brushes.
  • Patented design includes angling the fibre bundle to be more perpendicular to the handle, making the brushes more ergonomic and easy to hold and manipulate
  • Offers superior application of skincare formulas, including serums, moisturizers, tonics, treatments and masks.
  • Uses the proprietary CosmeFibre SC, an engineered fiber tailored to perform exceptionally well with skincare formulas.
  • Product application is more even and uniform, contributing to an enhanced result.
  • Product is more efficiently applied with less product wasted by being trapped inside the fibre bundle.
  • Ergonomic design offers user more precision, comfort and control during application.
  • Sleek contemporary design is consistent with a spa-like aesthetic.
  • Set is housed in a beautiful modular Coffret for either storage or presentation.

The Artis Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set In Coffret is available for $225 at NeimanMarcus.com and BergdorfGoodman.com 

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