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Friday, April 1, 2016

NEW Zumba® Shake



Last week I went from "Zero to Zumba", when I attended Zumba's #HowDoYouShake press preview. Not only was I shaking it (it was my very first Zumba class), but I also sampled the brands first-ever Zumba shakes - launching April 4th! As soon as I arrived at the studio, the Zumba team handed me my very own "Zwag", I met Zumba CEO Alberto Perlman and in true Ev fashion, I test drove the photo-booth.

I tried all three: Coco Loco’, ‘Thrilla in Vanilla’ and ‘La Vida Mocha

What is it? Zumba® Shake is the ideal companion for a Zumba® class goer who doesn’t want to undo all their hard work by making a bad food choice. The drink is a vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, allergen and dairy-free powdered drink that comes in three, delicious flavors: ‘Coco Loco’, ‘Thrilla in Vanilla’ and ‘La Vida Mocha’. A protein-packed, goodness-filled, 100 calorie drink with less sugar than any others in the marketplace and under 1 gram per serving! 

Check out my Zwag!

Zumba® CEO Alberto Perlman

Alberto Perlman, CEO of Zumba® said: “It’s just as important to focus on what doesn’t go into a product, along with what does and with ‘Shake Shake ShakeTM’, we are committed to giving the consumer a product that doesn’t mislead on ingredients or taste. There is no fructose or any variation of empty sugars and yet, compared to many shakes on the market, we are hyper-focused on providing the best ingredients and taste to support a healthy lifestyle.”


Make your shake: To make the delicious shake, simply mix the nutritious powder in a flavor of your choice with either cold water or milk (Zumba® prefers the Almond variety), put in a blender, add some ice and mix until you reach a creamy, milkshake consistency. How can I get it? The drinks will be available to buy from www.ZumbaShake.com **for $129 for a 30-day pack 960g ($99 after the 30% discount is you ask your Zumba® instructor about the Shakes) starting April 5, 2016, 9:00 am ET. 


I loved the shakes and as you can see, I sampled all three flavors. I found the flavors to be rich, the shake creamy and not chalky. So, how was the Zumba® class? Fun but intense. Our instructors Nick Logrea & Irena Meleiou were amazing and as many Zumba® class goers noted - very in demand (I know as there were a couple of instructors actually participating in our class.) No worries, I asked the brand reps to sign me up for more (can't wait!)
Zumba® instructors Nick Logrea and Irena Meletiou
Go get your Zumba® Shake on April 5th by visiting www.ZumbaShake.com or you can ask your Zumba® instructor and get a $30 off code!

~Evelyn Lugo

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