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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Erasa XEP-30 - Allure Best of Beauty



So pleased to announce that Erasa XEP-30 ($160 50 ml / 1.7 fluid oz) has won the Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty Breakthrough award for 2015. The awards were announced yesterday morning by the Allure editors on the Today Show (see clip here.) In a very gratifying description of the product, the Editor-in-Chiefs said “Erasa is the closest we have gotten yet to Botox, and it relaxes the muscles… and you skin feels wonderful without getting paralyzed, and feels gentle and relaxed”. All the things that our reviewers and customers are seeing in the product are features that Jules designed it to do – it is the best form of product validation. 

The product review is currently now on the Allure website and will be in the print magazine hitting the stores on the 29th. The magazine review says “the results are off the charts: namely, a younger-looking face in just two weeks”. Their top dermatologist reviewer says “I haven't seen anything else act this quickly. I have heard of formulas attempting to achieve these results, but here we are seeing data that looks quite remarkable." Again we are pleased that the reviewers are endorsing Jules and his team’s incredible product invention and validating our approach of rigorous clinical testing of our products which results in hard measured results and not just industry poofery which even the best of the competition often resorts to. So what's all the hype surrounding this amazing product? ICYMI, check out my post introducing ERASA XEP-30 back in May - here.

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