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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Yoga: YUNI Beauty


What do you get when you combine yoga and beauty? YUNI Beauty Brand! I had the pleasure of attending my first-ever yoga class with the brand this June along with a handful of beauty Editors & bloggers; all of us getting a first glimpse (and try) at this amazing new yoga beauty line which launched last month. I love yoga not just to help maintain my flexibility (gymnastics was my thing as a kid) but for the amazing improved respiration, energy and stress management I absolutely need with my hectic life and schedule. The YUNI Beauty line contains more than 20 products - a must have for any yogi!

YUNI Beauty preview - June 24th at The Lofts at Prince ...

Flexibility and balance is still my way of life!
YUNI Beauty

This amazing yoga beauty line is awesome from start to finish, ensuring that you feel fresh and revitalized after your workout. My favorite is without a doubt the Muscle Recovery Gel (3 oz. $15), a roll on that does just that: soothes my achy muscles and best of all, all YUNI products are non-toxic, plant based, biodegradable and compostable!

  • Eases post-workout soreness and inflammation
  • Enhances and prolongs effects of yoga practice
  • Intense cooling sensation
  • 100% natural aromas

  • Arnica Flower Extract reduces swelling, bruising and pain while containing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties useful in wound-healing
  • Peppermint Leaf Essential Oil’s natural menthol reduces the perception of pain
  • Fair trade Green Tea Extract reduces the formation of free radicals and also helps to reduce the activity of bacteria on the skin and prevent blemishes.
APPLICATION AND USAGE - Glide over muscles, tendons and ligaments that feel hot or overextended.

Take-home to test!

Until now, there was no beauty brand with a complete & distinctive offering for the Yoga customer. YUNI’s audience is primarily composed of 22 million Yoga practitioners in North America who have highly defined product expectations and are tremendously brand-loyal. Beauty industry veteran and Ashtanga Yoga teacher Emmanuel Rey proudly announced the launch of YUNI, the first natural beauty brand designed to enhance the Yoga practice. With a collection of products in the skin, body, hair and aroma categories, YUNI brings the goodness of Yoga to everyday life like no other brand has done, by creating a distinct memorable user experience through tactile and olfactory “anchoring” moments that reconnect the user with their Yoga practice, even when they are not in class.

AMAZING Mat, courtesy of YUNI Beauty (The Kind Mat Bliss $135-$150)
 and products accompany me to every yoga class!


Here are a few natural & organic YUNI Beauty products: 

Instant Shower Sheets: Large sheets infused with neem leaf extract and peppermint leaf essential oil immediately cleanse and deodorize for a clean, fresh feeling on the go (20 wipes / $12)

Hydrating Body Conditioner: Light aromatic milk hydrator instantly replenishes and refreshes skin with sustainably harvested and certified organic baobab oil and fair trade green tea extract (6 oz. / $25)

Aromatic Body Mist: 100% natural aromas create an enlivening cocoon to promote focus and clarity; ideal for use after yoga session or workout (4 oz. / $25)

Body Balance Aroma Concentrate: Anchoring blend of essential oils with centering aroma ideal for use during Savasana pose to connect the user with deep relaxation. Use anytime during the day to reconnect to the moment. (.33 oz. / $25)

Microveil Hair Treatment: Body heat-activated infusion of organic argan nut and kukui seed oils helps repairs damage and restores shine to hair during yoga practice. Lightweight aromatic hair veil doubles as a finishing mist (4 oz. / $22)

Active Calm Face Serum: Age-defying moisture concentrate with organic buriti oil, echinacea and fair trade green tea extract restores suppleness, erases tension lines, actives, firms and sculpts the skin (2 oz. / $29)

Active Calm Moisturizer: Vital youth-preserving cream for the face with sustainably harvested, certified organic buriti oil to restore skin elasticity and edelweiss stem cells to soothe skin and prevent pore congestion (2 oz. / $29)

Feeling great post workout - thank you YUNI!
YUNI body, skin, hair and aroma products are available through top retailers nationwide, online at YUNIbeauty.com and through yoga retailers including YogaWorks, specialty beauty retailers and natural product curators including Credo Beauty.

~Evelyn Lugo

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