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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Too Faced Cosmetics Haul


It's always a great day when I receive an unexpected package from Too Faced Cosmetics (no way of telling when it arrives or what the contents will be, it's always a surprise.) They're AMAZING and the packaging is to die for! From bronzers, to chocolate shadow palettes and lippies; heck even a doggie bowl for my new pup - these packages are stunning!
Last years #CocoaFilter package

May 2013 Too Faced Cosmetics event

Too Faced Cosmetics always hits a home-run and I have been hooked ever-since I attended their "Fake Your Bake" summer collection launch May 14, 2013 (yes, 2 years ago!) High quality and cruelty-free products that melt me, so while I don't wear foundations, I find that either translucent powders or bronzers are my best beauty must-have  (gotta beat that shine). These bronzers give me the glow I need, without damaging my skin with harmful rays, or caking on foundation that will cover my beloved freckles (yep, I LOVE 'EM!) How fab was this event? See for yourself: 

Throwback: May 14, 2013 Too Faced summer event

With that said, check out the latest items sent to me by Too Faced Cosmetics reps and I am so keeping these, lol! NEW Melted Metal liquified lipsticks ($21 each) and how cute is this make-up bag? 

Also, arriving earlier this week, the holy grail of glow: The ULTIMATE Bronzer Wardrobe: 8 full-sized bronzers ($30 each) accompanied with a retractable Kabuki brush ($34.) Too Faced challenges us to take the Too Faced bronzer challenge; posting our bronzer looks with: #bronzerwardrobe

Holy grail of GLOW! 
No worries as I am already on it, but in true #TBT form, here is a pic of me rocking Sun Bunny two years ago: 

~Evelyn Lugo


  1. You should post an article on how to use the bronzing powders, you look amazing and I just can't ever get any to look right on me, maybe I'm just to pale?!

    1. No, you're not too pale Rachel, it's just that not all bronzers are created equal and you have to find one for fair skin. Too Faced "Snow Bunny is for fair to medium skin tones and would be perfect for you. The one you see me rock (Sun Bunny) is for all skin tones, but I feel you should stick to Snow Bunny.

  2. how is the Dark Chocolate Soleil bronzer? I kinda want to try it out but it seems too dark


    1. I tried it and it's too dark for me Natalye (but I will be posting pics soon, promise!)