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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dove Plant Visit



After a much needed hiatus I'm back, and what better way to kick off my return and new year, than with my number one beauty must-have? SKINCARE! Many ask what my skincare regimen is, and to be honest, the answer is remains the same: Dove Beauty Bar. No, it's not "soap", (I too made the mistake of calling it that in the past) it is a beauty bar and best of all it's the # 1 recommended bar by Dermatologists and Pediatricians. My dream came true last year, when I was invited to the Unilever R&D plant in Trumbull, CT, where I was given the opportunity to see first hand how Dove has been setting the bar in skincare since 1957, and I even made my very own Dove Beauty Bar, and took a few home. *Now, relax, this wide-eyed wonderer did not press any red buttons, though I did ask a few times "what does this do?" #CrisisAverted 🔺

Making Dove Beauty Bars 

The Dove White Beauty Bar is the perfect way to get your glow back after the rough summer heat and during the harsh winter. The last thing your skin needs is a soap that is drying and irritating. I use Dove White Beauty Bar which is formulated with their signature ¼ moisturizing cream and combined with DEFI technology (a mild blend of cleansers) that helps hydrate for soft, smooth radiant skin.

Dove Beauty Bar
I still treasure my custom Dove Beauty Bar, engraved with my name "Evelyn", a gift from Unilever and Dove. It's stored in a stunning glass case and is never to be used, lol. I love and use pretty much all of the different variants in both the Dove Beauty Bar and Body Wash collection, ensuring that my skin is smooth and supple all year round. In case you're wondering, yes, I also kept my safety glasses, lab coat and clipboard (duh!) 


Dove has been setting the bar since 1957, here's a look at the Beauty Bar over the years:


In closing, the Dove Beauty Bar is perfect for removing makeup, dirt and moisturizing your skin. It's been my mascara remover for years and at 39, my skin still shows no signs of wear or tear. ~ #EvApproved


~Evelyn Lugo

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