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HEALTHY HAIR: Get Ready to Meet Your “BioMatch!”

No April Fools here! On April 1st, MATRIX BIOLAGE unveiled their new look for the BIOMATCH CollectionBeautiful inside and out: the newly imagined Biolage packaging beautifully represents the clean, natural, professional personality of the line. Organic curves make bottles easy to hold and a pleasure to touch, and newly-designed logos and color-coding make it easy to find your perfect match!A sleek, tear-shaped bottle with that unmistakable scent you've come to love - only BETTER! Matrix Biolage solves every hair concern through the inspiration of nature and state of the art BioMatch Technology. I received my favorite hair products from the HYDRASOURCE  line: Shampoo ($17), Conditioner ($18) and Mask ($19). Simply amazing for dry hair, hydrating it 15x after just one use!

The experts at Biolage observed how natural systems behave to solve a particular challenge and adapted modern science to “mimic” similar benefits, and in doing so, solve hair challenges. They traveled the globe, studying nature’s unique adaptations and integrated their insights into modern haircare. The result is a newly-energized, modern Biolage haircare collection for professional stylists and clients.

Finding Your Perfect BioMatch: Whether it’s dry hair, limp locks or color that fades too soon, every salon client has a specific hair concern. BIOLAGE steps up to the challenge, with a collection of effective, nature-inspired solutions. 

The Challenge: Haircolor that loses its vibrancy too quickly.The Solution: Biolage COLORLASTBioMatch Inspiration: Fade defying orchid

The Secret Code: Lushly colored orchids never seem to fade. Why? Because they contain flavonoids, which filter out the UV rays that can oxidize color, causing it to lose vibrancy. Flavonoids also maintain an antibacterial lipid barrier that maintains even, beautiful, color saturation.

The Biolage Result: Biolage COLORLAST protects hair from color-degenerating free-radicals, rebalances moisture to keep haircolor looking fresh and evens out the hair surface to enhance shine. With regular use of Biolage COLORLAST, fresh-from-the-salon color vibrancy lasts up to nine weeks.*

The Products:
COLORLAST Shampoo ($17): Helps maintain the color depth, tone and shine

COLORLAST Conditioner ($18): Low pH conditioner moisturizes hair, extending the life of your color. Hair is left soft and detangled with extra shine and depth of color

COLORLAST Shine Shake ($16): One shake of this unique, dual formula defends three dimensions of color—depth, tone and shine. The “top layer” features a creamy silicone emulsion with a UV filter that protects from color fading, while the paraben-free “base” formula contains a powerful combination of silicone and orchid extract to offer long-lasting control and static-fighting moisture.

COLORLAST Mask ($19): Wraps strands in 360º nourishment for extra conditioning. Silkens and adds shine to your hair

The Challenge: Dry, dehydrated, lifeless hair.The Solution: Biolage HYDRASOURCEBioMatch Inspiration: Moisture-locking aloe

The Secret Code: Aloe plants never dry out, even under the most extreme climatic conditions. That’s because they trap and store up to 97% of their moisture within their leaves. This enables them to survive and thrive through long periods with no rainfall.

The Biolage Result: HYDRASOURCE provides maximum moisture absorption and retention, instantly! After just one application, hair is 15 times more hydrated.** With regular use, hair’s ability to absorb moisture is maximized, internal hydration levels are optimized and future dehydration is discouraged.

The Products:
HYDRASOURCE Shampoo ($17): Gently cleanses hair leaving it moisturized and shiny. Moisture levels in the hair are balanced, increasing softness and manageability.

HYDRASOURCE Conditioner ($18): Conditions and detangles while adding softness. Seals the cuticle to lock the moisture.

HYDRASOURCE Hydra-Seal Spray ($16): Moisturizing hair treatment instantly renews shine. Helps protect hair from environmental aggressors.

HYDRASOURCE Mask ($19): Moisturizing hair mask instantly and deeply conditions for healthy looking hair. Revives dry strands for more shine and manageability.

HYDRASOURCE Detangling Solution ($18): Instantly renews moisture for healthy looking hair. Detangles and controls static for less frizz and flyaways.

HYDRASOURCE Daily Leave-In Tonic ($16): Moisturizing hair treatment instantly renews shine. Helps protect hair from environmental aggressors.

HYDRASOURCE Daily Leave-In Cream ($16): Split ends are sealed. Cuticle are align for a shiny looking hair, soft and under control. Leave-in formula is also suitable for color-treated hair.

The Challenge: Limp, lifeless hair.The Solution: Biolage VOLUMEBLOOMBioMatch Inspiration: Expanding cotton flower

The Secret Code: The expansive cotton flower never seems to fall flat. That’s due to the internal elastic tensile fibers develop into twisted formations that fill the interior of the plant, ensuring long-lasting shape.

The Biolage Result: VOLUMEBLOOM produces long-lasting, bouncy volume instantly - up to 70% more volume after one application!*** With regular use, VOLUMEBLOOM expands fine hair textures, plumps overall volume thanks to multiplying inner fibers and builds long-lasting volume with flexible polymers.

The Products:
VOLUMEBLOOM Shampoo ($17): Gentle cleanses hair with minimal stripping. Adds lightweight volume and shine.

VOLUMEBLOOM Conditioner ($18): Conditions and adds weightless moisture to hair. Ensures extra shine and manageability while promoting voluminous hair.

VOLUMEBLOOM Full-Lift Volumizer Spray ($16): Expands hair's volume by multiplying inter-fiber space for fullness that doesn't fall flat. Adds bounce and movement to hair.

The Challenge: Coarse texture and unruly frizz.The Solution: Biolage SMOOTHPROOFBioMatch Inspiration: Moisture repelling camellia

The Secret Code: A camellia flower can endure for 1,000 years in monsoon conditions, thanks to ongoing lipid production that insulates and smooths each petal and seals out moisture.

The Biolage Result: SMOOTHPROOF provides powerful humidity control by aligning the cuticle to lock out frizz-causing moisture, encapsulating each hair shaft to protect coarse fibers from moisture disturbance and restoring hair’s natural shine. With regular use, hair remains smooth and controlled for up to 72 hours.****

The products:SMOOTHPROOF Shampoo ($17): Cleanses and controls frizz for manageability and smoothness. Polishes hair and encapsulates it in a protective shield

SMOOTHPROOF Conditioner ($18): Detangles and de-frizzes hair while providing static control. Defends against humidity to keep your hair manageable and smooth.

SMOOTHPROOF Serum ($16): Tames frizz and flyaways while adding shine. Keeps hair smooth and protects against heat styling tools and humidity.

SMOOTHPROOF Leave-In Cream ($16): Controls frizz and flyaways for smoother, more manageable hair. Static is controlled and hair is detangled with a hydrophobic shield.

The Challenge: Oil and residue build-upThe Solution: Biolage CLEANRESETBioMatch Inspiration: Self-cleansing lemongrass

The Secret Code: Lemongrass’s antiseptic properties allow it to self-cleanse, while
Citronella oil and antioxidants naturally add fluidity for a healthy appearance.

The Biolage Result: CLEANRESET removes residue gently by preserving hair’s natural lipids. Future build-up of impurities is minimized, hair is balanced and looks and feels fresh.

The Products:
Normalizing CleanReset Shampoo ($17): Cleanses hair without drying it out. Removes buildup and impurities from all hair types

*When using ColorLast system of Shampoo and Conditioner vs a non-conditioning shampoo
**When using HydraSource system of Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Tonic vs. a non-conditioning shampoo
***When using VolumeBloom system of Shampoo, Conditioner and Full-Lift Volumizer Spray vs. unwashed hair
****When using SmoothProof system of Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Serum

The newly imagined Matrix Biolage collections will be available in fine salons beginning in April of 2014

~Evelyn Lugo

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  1. This new packaging is really impractical! Because of the shape of the bottles the product is hard to squeeze out, and forget about getting the last bit out when the bottle is nearly finished. I love Matrix Biolage, but I hate the new bottles :(