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Friday, October 30, 2015

Tria Eye Wrinkle Laser



What if I told you that you can treat eye wrinkles in just two minutes a day (a minute each eye), for eight weeks - with visible results in two weeks? Well believe it, thanks to this tiny, FDA-cleared, at-home eye wrinkle corrector by Tria Beauty. Tiny but definitely mighty is an understatement when trying to describe the Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser ($249 available at TriaBeauty.com and Sephora) I absolutely love it. 


I received my Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser for review, after attending the brands launch event and though I used it on myself for preventative measures, my eyes look brighter and younger. Trust me when I say that I used it on two wrinkly-challenged volunteers (well, more like I voted and they lost - didn't have a choice, lol!) 

Already a fan of Tria (remember my hair removal laser? ICYMI, see my review again here). Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser is safe for all skin tones and types and uses the same fractional, non-abrasive laser technology used by professionals. Does not hurt, you'll feel a slight snap (think: gentle rubber band snap, promise). Meant to treat fine lines and wrinkles on the periorbital area (that's under the eye, bone area from the inner to the outer side of your eye, where you get crows feet) leaving eyes looking more youthful than other products you may have in your beauty arsenal.

Tiny but mighty in the fight against aging! 

Tria press preview I attended
To use - treat each eye for one minute, every night for 8 weeks

1. Cleanse - skin to remove makeup, sunscreen or any other products that can block the laser light.

2. Treat - by placing the Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser against your skin and glide over the selected treatment area (1 minute per eye). 

3. Nourish - using the Nourishing Eye Renewal Cream ($65), which is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Ginger Extract to help hydrate, reduce redness and sooth skin. The metal applicator helps calm and cool skin after laser treatment. 


For more information on Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser ($249), or to purchase, view instructional videos and before-and-after pictures, please visit www.TriaBeauty.com - also available at Sephora and select premium retailers! 

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