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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Palmer's Flax Seed Gel

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Natural Hold Flax Seed Gel - sent by brand reps

Here again for some "true tangle talk" (aka any and all things hair), given my recent mishaps with testing products that would either snag and tangle my hair, leaving styling products powerless against frizz, and my hair a mess. My mane is saved, thanks to Palmer's, who sent me samples of their Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Natural Hold Flax Seed Gel (7 fl. oz./200 mL). Perfect for a strong hold, minus that crunchy feel. Ideal for wash-n-go's, twist outs and all types of curly styles and curl patterns. Can also be used for sleek styles for more definition. 


Why flax seed? When boiled in water, flax seeds produce a natural gel which offers the perfect amount of hold for curly styles. A DIY social media craze that unfortunately is a long, tedious and messy process (yes, I tried and failed), Palmer's Olive Oil Formula takes out the guesswork of the DIY process and is formulated with Aloe Vera and: 
  • Avocado Oil - ideal for healthy hydration
  • Aloe Vera - packed with proteolytic enzymes, helps revitalize scalp, leaving hair smooth and loaded with shine
  • Honey - as a natural humectant, helps retain moisture in hair
  • Olive Oil - contains essential fatty acids and lipids that moisturize and nourish hair and scalp
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil - moisturizes, strengthens and helps prevent breakage. Ideal for dry, itchy scalps
  • Linseed Oil - loaded with essential fatty acids, this oil nourishes dry, brittle hair
  • Moringa Seed Oil - powerful oil that packs a punch by helping fight flaky scalps and split ends, making hair stronger and promoting a healthy scalp for optimal growth
Plus, Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Natural Hold Flax Seed Gel is free of alcohol, silicones, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and gluten. An ultra-defining gel that offers a firm hold, while keeping your hair moisturized. Available at Walmart, Walmart.com and Palmers.com 

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