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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Evcurlgurl.com 4th Anniversary

Blog Anniversary

My how time flies. It was exactly four years ago today, though it was Thanksgiving morning, that after much debate about going solo as an editor (and sleep deprived from the cooking and fighting with a 20 lb. turkey - I won), I sat down and launched my baby: Evcurlgurl.com. Just like that! Fast-forward to 1,000 articles, thousands of products (I had to turn my spare bedroom into a product room) and hundreds of amazing events. What have I been up to? Beauty, events - still an Editor - Real Estate (got my license in February after only eight days of studying) and more marketing. 

Wonder X Funoogles movie premiere, November 16, 2017 
In the meantime, I have a few fab events that I attended the past couple of weeks: Birchbox X Arm & Hammer Spinbrush, Inner Orange Beauty X Dr. Smood (Smart Food), Nerium 2018 Launch Preview, the grand opening of Shobha Brow in Brooklyn and Wonder Movie X Funoogles Preview. Busy, busy bliss. Being the foto-freak that I am, check out some pics from the events:


Here are a few more (same events from the past month)


Yes, I know I took some time off, and I STILL have my Fashion Week posts to share with you guys, but I was not feeling well for a while. BUT I promise that there is so much in store for you (with a few surprises....) 

~Evelyn Lugo

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