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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Event Recap: Sexy Hair & Mr. Grey


Last November I received an invite from my fabulous Sexy Hair reps, asking me to save the date to a very special movie screening event for 50 Shades of Grey, on February 13th. Even though it was three months in advance, I knew it would be crazy (smack in the middle of Fashion Week and Valentines Day) but I immediately said yes. Now mind you, I never read any of the books, but with all the hype surrounding this highly anticipated film and knowing how fabulous this would be, how could I say no? Well I was right! Sexy Hair did it again, with another jaw-dropping, sexy event. Upon checking in, we had a key tied to our wrists for entry to our very own private red room at the AMC Loews 34th Street - talk about a lucky Friday the 13th!

Key for "The Red Room" & Sexy Hair Swag
Once upstairs, we went through a red curtain leading to "The Red Room", complete with sexy, shirtless men and some serious sexiness (with photo ops, of course.) I was in awe at the amazing job the Sexy Hair team did, especially since they had no affiliation with the film, yet this event was the best hands down compared to many who did. Dolls were tied up and blindfolded (none complaining, but rather rushing to line up I might add), being served shots (now how's that for sexy?) and pouncing on the sexy, shirtless guy posing for pictures (I was one of them.)

Welcome to The Red Room...

I brought one lucky gal with me to this #ShadesofSexy event (Petra Jadan) and she saw first-hand just how fabulous the events I attend are. Cocktail hour ended at 6:00 pm and we were all ushered into the theater, where sexy men continued to serve champagne and bring all sorts of goodies from the concession stand, which of course you know I wasn't complaining at all about that service. Seriously, what movie have you seen lately, where you have sexy men bringing you your drinks directly to your seat? Exactly!

No need to get up, they came to us (meow!)
So while many celebrated that they had "early" tickets to the film, I can assure you, that it was nothing like this #ShadesofSexy event. As for the movie, seems that many sex-driven dolls were a bit disappointed. Why? Don't ask me, I didn't read the books but I just may have to now.

Sexy Hair Swag

Please be sure to visit www.SexyHair.com for product information on this amazingly, sexy hair collection! 

~Evelyn Lugo

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